Major Emergency Management

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Major Emergency Management - Manager manage and assess

Understand the key factors of preparing for, responding to, and maintaining control throughout the development or escalation of an emergency situation.

Learn how to manage communication, emergency-related information and put into place predetermined plans at the point when the emergency alarm has been raised, to the point when the emergency manager is assured that the emergency is over.

Understand how stress can impact individuals and team performance during emergencies. Have the opportunity to role-play as the emergency manager in a minimum of two specific types of emergency scenarios.

This is a key element of the training program and is backed up by constructive feedback from the course instructional team.

Course Content

  • Review, manage and assess the information available in an emergency situation in a timely manner.
  • Establish priorities and take effective action.
  • Implement predetermined emergency plans and procedures in the context of the current emergency.
  • Efficiently communicate information and instructions.
  • Communicate effectively with all appropriate external agencies Monitor and control resources.
  • Evaluate progress and communicate changes in plans and priorities.
  • Effectively delegate authority and manage individuals and teams.
  • Recognize and deal with stress in themselves and others.


4 Days



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