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Our Mission

ABC Safety Solutions is your one-stop shop for all your training needs. ABC Safety Solutions is dedicated to providing industry-leading services, exceptional training support and the best customer experience possible, so you can maintain focus on running your business knowing your employees are prepared to help protect your company and the environment. We offer a wide variety of Occupational Health and Safety Training Courses, Survival Training, and BOP Controls Training.

What Sets Us Apart

How often have you sat through a training session, bored or disinterested, knowing you had to complete it to be authorized for work? Too often, probably.

Our team believes in a different approach. With ABC Safety Solutions, you and your team will receive the latest training education and have fun doing it. Yes. Fun. We think learning complex information is most memorable when it’s engaging and hands on.

Our team of experts works closely with safety organizations and regulators to deliver the most accurate information and leverage their 35 years of combined experience to ensure your team is equipped with the knowledge to protect and prevent hazards to the environment and at the worksite.

From large groups to individual trainees, in Houston or across the U.S., at our site or yours, we are dedicated to providing industry-leading safety services, exceptional accredited training and the best customer experience possible.

In addition to training expertise, we also provide several services to deliver a one-stop experience for all your safety needs, including physicals and medical assessments, compliance consulting and personnel services.

How We Work

Our accredited training programs and safety services provide you and your team the flexibility needed in today’s busy workplace to complete required training to protect themselves and your company from unnecessary, preventable risks.

Whether you train at your site or ours, the ABC Safety Solutions team delivers over 35 years of combined safety experience with practical experience in a variety of industries, including:

Your goals and needs remain our focus, and we work quickly to create the right training program for your organization, tailoring solutions to support specific skill sets and scheduling needs.

We provide weekday training sessions, and weekend group training upon request, across an array of industry requirements and deliver them in our classrooms and simulators, or at your site for added convenience. Our ergonomic classrooms minimize distractions and provide a comfortable learning environment.

Rest assured, we will deliver the highest quality experience, consistently, along with the latest safety information your team needs to meet regulatory and certification requirements.

Ultimately, our goal is to get your team back to working safely, quickly, and in compliance with the latest regulations

Our Team

Houston Compliance and Safety Training Solutions

Our expert trainers work closely with organizations and industry regulators to provide the latest training methods and information to companies like yours throughout the United States.

They are well versed in the health and safety compliance and training requirements for several industries, including construction, manufacturing, and oil and gas. Our instructors have over 35 years combined experience in the construction or oil and gas industries, and a real understanding of what your employees may face on the job site. Many trainers bring best practice experience from other industries, as well, including emergency services and education.

You and your employees will be well prepared to prevent safety incidents and protect the environment after completing training courses with ABC Safety Solutions. To achieve this, our team offers rich resources and the flexibility to design and deliver tailored training programs to suit your specific needs.

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ABC Safety Solutions is your one-stop shop for all your training needs. We offer a wide variety of Occupational Health and Safety Training Courses, Survival Training, BOP Controls Training


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