Fall Protection User Safety ½ day

Course Details

Fall Protection User Safety training

The course covers applicable legislation and regulations regarding fall arrest protection, fall protection hazard assessment, planning, and a practical component involving hands-on exercises with fall protection system equipment.

Course Content

  • Discuss falling hazards specific to your situation(s)
  • Explain the physics of fall arrest
  • State the reason for harness inspection prior to each use
  • Perform a harness inspection
  • Determine the capacity of fall arrest equipment
  • List environmental concerns
  • Explain the proper connection to anchor points
  • Don and properly fit a harness (each participant)
  • Use the harness and make appropriate adjustments for correct fit
  • Describe proper storage of a harnesses


4 hours – length shall vary depending on the class size



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SCHEDULE: Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

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