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Drug and Alcohol Awareness – Employee training

This course will provide you with an overview of the minimum requirements Employers have in regards to Drug and Alcohol requirements

Employee Drug and Alcohol Awareness Training, in Houston, Texas

Drug and alcohol abuse may potentially threaten your company if you do not address it with the right solution.

The impact of drug and alcohol abuse includes workplace safety, culture, productivity, and a business’s overall operations. Moreover, it triggers impending risks of misconduct, harassment, and violence.

You need to address the pressing issue of drugs and alcohol in the workplace through employee substance abuse training.

A training that raises awareness about substance abuse can promote a drug-free workplace and results in better workplace culture. It also helps employers develop effective programs that promote health and well-being among employees.

ABC Safety Solutions provides Employee Drug and Alcohol Awareness Training in Houston, Texas. The course aims to give you an overview of employers’ minimum requirements regarding Drug and Alcohol requirements.

Book a consultation with ABC Safety Solutions now and inquire how you can avail of the course for your employees.

Employee Drug And Alcohol Awareness Training

Industries that Require Drug and Alcohol Awareness Training Courses for their Employees

Despite the numerous negative impacts of drug and alcohol abuse, many still resort to this activity for personal reasons, which may further affect their performance as an employee.

About 70% or over 14.8 million people who abuse drugs are employed. On the other hand, over 123 million full-time American workers deal with alcoholism. This makes drug and alcohol abuse a threat in all industries worldwide.

Employers from all sectors can play a huge part in decreasing the rate of alcohol and drug abuse in the country through dedicated health interventions for employees.

To Whom does Drug And Alcohol Awareness Training course For?

Drug-free workplace training is for everyone. It is not just confined to a certain age, gender, and employee designation. Even top-level management are encouraged to participate in awareness training.

Employees in any role and from all sectors can attend a workshop about alcohol and drug abuse as part of the drug-free workplace programs of a company.

Learning Outcomes of Employee Drug and Alcohol Awareness Training Course

Learning outcomes for the course are needed to be set as a guideline in evaluating the effectiveness of the activity.

By the end of the training course, the employee should be able to:

  • Understand the effects and consequences of prohibited drug use on personal health, safety, work environment, and overall performance of the employee
  • Recognize the signs and symptoms that may indicate prohibited drug use.
  • Express understanding of the learning course objectives
  • Participate in future drug free workplace training programs set by the employer

These expected outcomes serve as the training program’s framework throughout the activity.

You can ask ABC Safety Solutions to develop a module on drugs and alcohol safety especially created to fit your employee’s job scope to make it relevant and easy to understand.

How is the Employee Drug and Alcohol Awareness Training Course Evaluated?

A good training course is evaluated by assessing the proficiency of employees. It also allows reviewing the performance of the training provider.

Final exam

After each program, employees will undergo evaluation in the form of a quiz. The expected proficiency is 75% or greater.

Employees who fall short of the final exam can undergo further courses.

Results from the assessment can help companies in evaluating their employee assistance program. It will also guide them in formulating programs that benefit their health and wellness as employees.


Conduct a survey among your employees about their experience throughout the awareness training.

The results of this survey give you a clearer picture of what needs to be improved and what topics should be addressed in future training.

Employee Drug And Alcohol Awareness Training course Cost

The cost of substance abuse training for employees depends on several factors. Training providers discuss with the company the requirements, which include the length of the training, method of training, location, and the number of participants.

Separate costs can be charged for onsite and online training.

Contact ABC Safety Solution to inquire about special packages for certain employees. Discounted rates can also be available upon discussion of training course requirements.

Employee Drug and Alcohol Awareness Training Course Certifications

The awareness program can be a reasonable requirement for employees for annual evaluation.

The awareness training covers the following content:

  • Identifying physical and mental effects
  • Determining drug and alcohol impairment
  • Identifying suspected impairment
  • Presenting intervention and testing methods
  • Debunking myths and misconceptions
  • Identifying effects on employee performance

Training courses for law and substance abuse can be conducted through the following:

  • Onsite training. Allows physical interaction between trainer and participants and promotes a healthy discussion among peers.

Participants can also ask questions directly from the trainer. Training usually lasts 2-4 hours, depending on the arrangement of the training provider and the employer.

drug and alcohol awareness in workplace

Employee Drug and Alcohol Awareness Training Course Validity

There is no expiration date for a drugs and alcohol course awareness for employees.

However, it is advised that employers hold workshops on drug and alcohol awareness every year as a refresher course for their employees.

ABC Safety Solutions recommends booking a Drug and Alcohol Awareness for your employees in Houston, Texas. The learning course only runs for two (2) hours and can be done online.

Employee Drug And Alcohol Awareness Training Course Location

There are many training courses available online for your employees. However, if you prefer having onsite training in your business offices, trusted training providers can conduct a drug-free workplace workshop for you.

ABC Safety Solutions can provide you with a 2-hr drug and alcohol course for your company in Houston, Texas. You can also decide what Employee Drug and Alcohol Awareness Training Course location you prefer.

Contact ABC Safety Solutions today or visit their location in Houston, Texas, to know more about drug and alcohol abuse awareness.

Course Content

The syllabus focuses on:

  • Physical and mental effects of drug and alcohol abuse
  • Identifying drug and alcohol impairment
  • Reporting suspected impairment
  • Available intervention methods
  • Testing methods
  • Common myths regarding alcohol and other drugs
  • Effects of “hang overs” and legal substances on employee performance


2-4 Hours



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