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DOT Flagger - Traffic Officer

This training has been approved by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) to qualify you as a “Qualified Flagger” in accordance with the requirements contained within TxDOT’s Specification Item 7 “Legal Relations and Responsibilities,” and Specification Item 502 “Barricades, Signs and Traffic Handling.”

This course is intended for individuals who will be performing or engaging in flagger duties on construction/maintenance projects.

The course will provide a better understanding of the importance and duties involved with flagging on a project.

Individuals successfully completing this course will receive a Qualified Flagger wallet card valid for a period of three years.

DOT Flagger Training in Houston, Texas

Flaggers are a vital part of roadway safety. They are the individuals who control traffic flow around roadwork and other stoppages. In order to ensure the safety of both the flagger and the drivers around them, it is important that they receive proper training. The DOT Flagger Training Course is a program that provides this training.

ABC Safety Solution is proud to offer DOT Flagger Training in Houston, Texas. The training is designed to provide workers with the knowledge and skills necessary to safely work near or around highway construction zones. The training covers topics such as traffic control principles, flagging procedures, working with heavy equipment, and driver awareness.

Benefits of the training include:

  • increased worker safety and compliance with federal regulations.
  • Reduced accident and injury costs.
  • Improved highway construction site safety.
  • Safety benefits for motorists and workers alike.

Industries That Require DOT Flagger Training Course

The training is designed for construction or maintenance near roads for they will need traffic control to reduce accidents and have a safe working environment.

For Whom Does DOT Flagger Training Course For?

flagger worker holding slow traffic sign

DOT Flagger Training is a course that is offered to individuals who wish to work in the transportation industry. The course provides students with an understanding of the regulations for working in and near roadways. Students will learn about flagging procedures, traffic control devices, and how to safely work in and near traffic.

Some of the most important components of the course are:

  • Introduction to DOT Flagging Procedures and Responsibilities
  • Traffic Control Devices
  • Use of Flagger in a Work Zone
  • Use of Flagging Flags as Warning Signs
  • Working Conditions and Safety Precautions for Flagging Drivers.

Learning Outcomes of DOT Flagger Training Course

By the end of the training program, students will be able to:

  • Understand the duties and responsibilities of a flagger.
  • Recognize traffic control devices, flaggers, and their associated roles in a work zone.
  • Demonstrate proper use of flagging flags as warning signs.
  • Demonstrate safe working conditions for flagging in work zones.

How Is The DOT Flagger Training Course Evaluated?

The course will include classroom instruction, hands-on demonstrations, and a practical evaluation. A training and evaluation plan is designed to assess the knowledge, skills, and abilities of students as they complete the course.

DOT Flagger Training Course Cost

The cost of the DOT Flagger Training Course varies depending on the location. The course is offered throughout the country and can be delivered in person or online. Contact ABC Safety Solution for more information.

DOT Flagger Training Course Certifications

DOT Flagger Training Course Certifications are important for workers who are in charge of traffic control during road construction or maintenance projects. After successfully completing the training, applicants are given a certification that acknowledges their ability to work safely and efficiently as a flagger.

worker on a construction site doing flagger job

DOT Flagger Training Course Validity

After completing the course, workers can earn a certification that is valid for three years.

DOT Flagger Training Course Location

ABC Safety Solution offers the course in our facility in Houston, Texas.

Course Content

  • Describe the duties, responsibilities and qualifications of a flagger
  • Understand the requirements of the Texas Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (TMUTCD) on flagging operations
  • List proper personal protective equipment for flagging
  • Describe the typical flagging positions
  • Demonstrate proper flagging procedures using the STOP.SLOW paddle, the flag and the flashlight


4 hours



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