Offshore Medical Assessments

OGUK (formerly UKOOA) Medicals & More

We provide the following offshore medical assessments:

Offshore medicals confirm that an employee is fit to travel to a specific country, to work in an offshore oil and gas exploration and production environment, and support a preventive wellness approach to employee health.

Medical assessments can be carried out at medical centers throughout the greater Houston area, or at your designated facility.

ABC Safety Solutions quickly and accurately communicates all test and assessment results as part of our ongoing commitment to exceptional customer experiences.

OGUK Offshore Medicals

Offshore workers must pass an offshore medical examination to work offshore.

The OGUK Offshore Medical is valid for two years and allows an employee to work offshore of the United Kingdom and the adjacent North Sea region.

An OGUK Offshore Medical includes:

Norwegian Medical

The Regulations on medical examination of employees on Norwegian vessels and mobile offshore units shall ensure that the employee is medically fit for service on board, is not suffering from a medical condition likely to be aggravated by service at sea or to endanger the health and safety or other persons on board.

Danish Medical

In order to be able to work on board Danish vessels, including fishing vessels, you must regularly be subject to a medical examination and be found fit for vessel service at this examination. Health certificates on the basis of medical examinations are only issued to seafarers or fishermen.

Pre-Employment and Drug Screening

To ensure that an applicant is suitable for a position, especially those in a safety-sensitive working environment, pre-employment drug tests will proactively protect the company and its employees from the negative and potentially harmful effects of an employee that uses drugs on the job.