SEMS II Awareness 2 Hrs

Course Details

This brief program provides all the information contractor and operator employees need to be fully trained on the new SEMS regulation, 30 CFR 250 Subpart S

    2 hours – length shall vary depending on the class size
    Any new employee that will be working on an offshore or onshore rig installation or in the petrochemical industry.
    A written exam is administered to evaluate student retention of information. Successful candidates will receive a certificate upon completion. Revalidation is required as per industry demand
    • The purposes of SEMS
    • Events leading to the regulation
    • The 13 parts of SEMS
    • The Changes in SEMS II
    • Requirements for contractors under SEMS
    • The importance of knowing the contents of a facility SEMS plan and applying them on the job
    • How to speak effectively with regulatory agency personnel about SEMS and the importance of safety.
    Photographic ID.

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