Personal Survival Techniques (PST)

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Personal Survival Techniques Training

Delegates who successfully complete this course will be able to react in a correct manner during emergency situations, take measures appropriate to their own survival and to the survival of others, and use survival equipment correctly.

Delegates will also acquire knowledge which in some instances will enable them to identify and correct defects and thereby prevent emergencies.

Course Content

  • Donning Coast Guard-approved lifejacket and immersion suit
  • Jumping into the water from a height while wearing a Coast Guard-approved lifejacket and immersion suit
  • Swimming while wreathing a Coast Guard-approved lifejacket
  • Righting an inverted coast Guard-approved life raft
  • Keeping afloat in water without the aid of a lifejacket or an immersion suit
  • Jumping into the life raft from a eight while wearing PFD
  • Boarding life raft without assistance


12 hours



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