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Personal Protective Equipment

While by law it is an employer’s responsibility to protect their employees from any workplace hazards, the aim of this course is to inform learners of the importance of PPE and encourage them to take an active interest in why PPE is necessary, when it must be worn and how to recognize any equipment failure.


Personal Protective Equipment Training in Houston, Texas

Workplaces in a high-risk environment should prioritize their workers’ health and safety above anything else.

Hazards can be controllable with engineering and administrative technology. However, eliminating such dangers starts with providing direct protection for workers while on duty.

One of the most effective ways to ensure a worker’s safety is using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at all times. It is the employer’s responsibility to give PPEs to its workers and provide training for their usage. 

According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), if a workplace uses PPE during operations, a proper PPE program must be implemented

This program can address the hazards present in the workplace and enforce correct usage, selection, maintenance, and storing of PPEs among employees. 

Your company needs comprehensive PPE safety training that ensures the effectiveness of this program.

ABC Safety Solutions fits your requirements if you want the best personal protective equipment training in Houston, Texas.

Trainers of ABC Safety Solutions are skilled in creating a specialized learning course that would cater to your industry and each employee’s job requirement.

Each lesson ensures they get proper PPE knowledge, which will benefit them while they work.

Contact ABC Safety Solutions today to inquire how you can customize your PPE training for your company’s needs. 

What Does PPE Mean?

PPE is equipment that protects a user against health and safety risks in the workplace.

Workers wear this gear to reduce exposure to hazardous chemicalradiological, and electrical elements that may cause severe injuries and illnesses.

These dangers include respiratory distress, eye injuries, skin damage from chemical splashes, accidental ingestion, and physical trauma. 

Common PPEs include items such as:

  • Head and scalp protection (Hard hats and helmets)
  • Respiratory protection (Respirators and surgical masks)
  • Eye protection (Safety glasses, face shields, and goggles)
  • Hearing protection (Earplugs or earmuffs)
  • Hand and arm protection (Safety gloves)
  • Foot and leg protection (Safety boots and rubber boots with steel toe guards)
  • Body protection (Full body suit, vest, and fire-resistant clothing)
  • Height and access protection (harness, fall arrest systems, horizontal lifelines, lanyard, anchor, and hook)

Having these PPEs as a requirement for employees lessens their chances of getting hurt during their regular worksite duty.

Industries That Require Personal Protective Equipment Training Course For Their Employees

Any workplace needs PPE to ensure the health and safety of its workers. But specific industries require PPE due to the nature of their work.

Here are the significant industries that use PPE as a necessity: 

Construction Industry

Workers in the construction industry are always on-site working with extensive equipment and are under extreme sun exposure.

Employees wear PPEs such as hard hats on construction sites, hearing protection for those working in noisy machinery, and safety gloves for electrical-related duties.


Pharmaceutical Industry

The Pharmaceutical industry is another primary user of PPE. Workers in this industry deal with hazardous substances that pose a high risk to the environment and human health.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers should provide PPE for every employee to ensure they have defense during working hours.

Required PPE used by workers in this industry are coverallsgogglesprotective masks, and respirators


Health Industry

Healthcare providers such as doctorsnurses, and medical technologists are front liners against infectious diseases in the community.

They need to use PPE all the time inside hospitals and healthcare facilities to avoid transmitting contagious diseases so they can protect themselves, their patients, and their families.

Must-have PPEs for healthcare professionals include full-body suitssurgical masksshields, and gloves


Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry evolves in a risky work environment. Workers in the field must wear insulated clothing as protection against inflammations, eyewearhearing protection, and protective footwear

Oil and gas workers also carry devices that detect a high level of dangerous gas. 


Food Industry

The food industry is one of the most prominent players in the world, with millions of workers. The world’s population also relies on this industry for everyday food consumption.

PPEs are required to ensure the workers’ and the consumers’ health safety. Food industry workers commonly use hand protectionhair protection, and overalls during working hours. There are also instances when workers may need to wear respiratory gear to limit danger when exposed to toxic fumes. 

To Whom Does Personal Protective Equipment Training Course For?

PPE safety training is for workers in high-risk industries. This includes the constructionhealthcare, and oil and gas industries, among others.

These are mandated to have this as additional protection apart from stringent control measures needed within their sector.

Employerssupervisors, and employees must undergo this type of training to fully educate themselves about PPE use. It also educates them about legislation that involves PPE usage.


Learning Outcomes of personal protective equipment training course

At the end of the PPE training course, all participants will have to learn the following:

  • Importance of PPE. Learn why wearing PPE is a standard requirement in accordance with legislation. This training also identifies the duties of employers and employees regarding proper PPE usage and implementation.
  • Select proper PPE. The training introduces the suitable gears for each type of worker and how these can protect them against hazardous elements during duty. The worker shall also learn how to use it effectively, maintain, and store it properly.
  • Learn safety signs. PPE use also comes with safety signs that every worker should know. 


How is the personal protective equipment training course Evaluated?

Training providers evaluate participants as soon as the course finishes. The evaluation of the PPE training can be done on-site.

The passing mark for hazard assessment is 80%. For participants who will not be able to reach the passing mark, the company may request additional training.

ABS Safety Solutions provide you with a full report of the entire course, emphasizing the assessment of the participants. The course also gives insights into how the employees understand the topic well and the areas for improvement.

Ask ABC Safety Solutions what works effectively for your employees to get the maximum value of the training.  


Personal protective equipment training course Cost

The personal protective equipment training course cost varies depending on the company’s choice, requirements, and the number of participants.

The fee also includes the set-up of the training. ABC Safety Solutions can provide you with a complete package of training courses, including the PPE training.

Talk to one of our representatives to know how you can also avail yourself of discount packages for a considerable number of participants.

Personal Protective Equipment Training Course Certifications

Upon completing the exercise, you will get Personal Protective Equipment Certification that you can use for compliance and audit in your company.


Personal Protective Equipment Training Course Validity

The certification for the PPE training does not have an expiration date. However, specific industries require a refresher course every three years to maintain timely knowledge among workers. 

ABC Safety Solutions can arrange a re-certification package for your company every three years to review fundamentals and ensure continuous learning.


Personal Protective Equipment Training Course Location

You can choose the personal protective equipment training course location you prefer. Our trainers are flexible in conducting training depending on the area you desire. 

Whether you need personal protective equipment training in Houston, Texas, or even in various global sites, ABC Safety Solutions is ready to deliver the best training for your employees.

Would you like to get a PPE training course for your company and improve your workplace’s occupational safety and health? ABC Safety Solutions can talk to your safety and health administration department to discuss how to start your discuss your requirements. 

Course Content

The syllabus focuses on:

  • Name the OSHA standards governing the provision and use of PPE
  • Explain the responsibilities an employer has regarding the provision of PPE
  • Recognize how to identify if your PPE is suitable for use
  • Express the training requirements for various types of safety equipment


2-4 Hours



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