OPITO T-HUET (Warm Water) 1 Day

Course Details

OPITO T-HUET (Warm Water) Emergency training

This course prepares delegates that intend to travel offshore by helicopter in a tropical environment by providing training in emergency response techniques.

OPITO T-HUET Course in Houston, Texas

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What does T-HUET means?

T-HUET stands for Tropical Helicopter Underwater Escape Training. The course is also commonly known as HUET, which stands for Helicopter Underwater Escape Training.

For whom does Tropical Helicopter Underwater Escape Training – T-HUET For?

The course is for all workers that are required to travel by helicopter over tropical waters.

Learning Outcomes of Tropical Helicopter Underwater Escape Training T-HUET

The course covers both sea survival and helicopter emergency training.

You will learn:

  • How to escape from a helicopter that has crash landed in water
  • How to survive in the water until rescue arrives
  • How to use a life jacket and other emergency equipment
  • First aid and CPR
  • Firefighting techniques

HUET practical training

How is the T-HUET Course Evaluated?

The course is assessed through a written test and a practical assessment. Successful completion of the course will result in a certificate that is valid for four years.

T-HUET Certifications

T-HUET certification is valid for four years. After that, you will need to retake the course to maintain your certification.

Helicopter Underwater Escape Training T-HUET Course Cost

The cost of the course includes all materials, equipment, and certification. For the exact cost, kindly contact ABC Safety Solutions.

Tropical Helicopter Underwater Escape Training – T-HUET Course Location

ABC Safety Solutions conducts T-HUET in Houston, Texas

Course Content

  • Demonstrate proper use of safety equipment
  • Appropriate actions prior to ditching
  • Actions following simulated ditching
  • Actions during immersion and inversion of helicopter
  • Helicopter emergency procedures
  • Sea survival techniques


1 Day Course


Delegates must be at least 16 years of age.

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