Multi-Modal Air, Road and Sea 3 Day

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A hazmat employee may be required to participate in more than one type of transportation method depending on the position.

If a hazmat employee is involved in the handling and offering of hazardous products for land transportation and also has the responsibility of aiding in the handling of hazardous chemicals to be shipped on an airplane, they must be familiar with both air, ground, and possible sea transportation requirements.

dangerous goods ship by land

Multi-Modal Air, Sea, And Road Compliance Training in Houston, Texas

This multi-modal transportation training course provides first or recurring instruction to individuals that handle, ship, or transport non-bulk, non-radioactive dangerous products by air, sea, and road or in multi modal transportation.

This multi modal transportation training course is based on the requirements outlined in regulations for Air (ICAO/IATA), Sea (IMDG), and Road (49 CFR).

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Industries that Require Multi-Modal Transportation Training

This training program was created especially for shippers, freight forwarders, and hazmat.

This course is designed for those who are responsible for the preparation, packaging, marking, labeling, placarding, documenting, or handling of dangerous goods in accordance with US DOT 49 CFR (Road), ICAO (Air), or IMDG Code standards (Sea).

To whom does Multi-Modal Air, Sea, And Road Compliance Training Course For?

This multimodal training course is designed for hazmat workers that handle, ship, and/or transport hazardous materials, or transport of dangerous goods by air, sea, or road.

Learning Outcomes of Multi-Modal Air, Sea, And Road Compliance Training

Participants should be able to do the following at the end of the course:

  • Classify chemicals and objects according to their proper danger class or comprehend the classification standards.
  • Assign or double-check the assignment of substances and articles to a proper identification name and number.
  • Choose or double-check the correct packaging for the multimodal dangerous goods being sent, and be aware of the appropriate multimodal dangerous goods packing regulations.
  • For the material being shipped, choose or apply the appropriate marks, labels, and placards.
  • Understand the multimodal dangerous products security, safety, and emergency response requirements as they pertain to dangerous goods shipments by air, road, and sea, as mandated by the applicable national and/or international authorities.
  • Understand the regulations and procedures for handling multimodal dangerous commodities segregation.

dangerous goods to be transported by sea

How is the Multi-Modal Transporation Training Course Evaluated?

The delegate will be required to take a written exam, and they must score at least 70% of the questions correctly.

Multi-Modal Air, Sea, And Road Compliance Training Course Cost

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Multi-Modal Transportation Training Certifications

After successful completion of the required tests, the participant will be given a certificate. The Multi-Modal Air, Sea, And Road Compliance Training Course is valid for two years.

Multi-Modal Air, Sea, And Road Compliance Training Location

The Multi-Modal Air, Sea, and Road Compliance Training Course is offered in our Houston, Texas facility.

Course Content

The syllabus focuses on:

  • Understanding and Navigating the three sets of regulations
  • Responsibilities and Training Requirements
  • Classification of all 9 Classes of dangerous goods and determining Proper Shippings Names.
  • Using the Regulations to determine Special provisions and Exceptions
  • Packing, Marking, Labeling and Placarding for all the modes of transport.
  • Correct Documentation for all the modes of transport
  • Understanding Segregations for all the modes of transport.
  • Handling of cargo
  • Security and Emergency Response Information.

DGMaterials Include:

  • Registration includes a DGM Workbook and certification.
  • The DGM Workbook will be required to be downloaded and printed for online training courses.
  • Classroom-based courses include a laminated segregation table for all modes of transport.


Initial Training 3 Days – Recurrent Training 2 Days


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