Incipient Fire Fighting

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Incipient Fire Fighting safety training

This course is designed to teach personnel to properly perform firewatch duties including site evaluation, fire prevention, incipient fire fighting techniques, and monitoring during hot work activities. As per regulations 29 CFR –1915.508 (c)(1-3)

Incipient Fire Training in Houston, Texas

Fire safety and early detection will be the focus of the Incipient Fire Training. Using a portable fire extinguisher to put out an incipient stage live fire will be shown to all students in a safe, controlled environment.

All personnel who have access to a portable fire extinguisher must be educated in its use, according to OSHA. ABC Safety Solutions follows the standards of 29 CFR –1915.508 (c)(1-3) and other related OSHA regulations.

What is Incipient Fire Training?

This course is designed to provide industrial fire brigade members with the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve certification as an Incipient Industrial Fire Brigade Member, as defined by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Standard for Industrial Fire Brigade Member Professional Qualifications.

You will be qualified to take the National Board on Fire Service Professional Qualifications written exam and skills testing after completing this course.

This training course combines classroom lectures with hands-on exercises to equip you with the skills you’ll need to deal with raging fires.

Portable fire extinguishers, fire extinguisher training, low-volume hose lines, and needed Personal Protective Equipment are among the hands-on exercises.

incipient fire fighting training

For whom does Incipient Fire Fighting Training For?

Offshore and onshore personnel in charge of hot work or fire watch can benefit from the Incipient Fire Fighting Training.

At ABC Safety Solutions, we offer a wide range of safety training courses and certification programs delivered onsite at your location by our trained professionals, saving you money on travel and time away from your business.

We also provide these services via classroom instruction and training simulators. ABC Safety Solutions can help you with all of your training requirements, whether it’s for a single department or for all of your global locations.

Learning Outcomes of Incipient Fire Fighting Training

At the end of the course, the trainees are expected to:

  • Understand the combustion process
  • Understand the stages of fire
  • Understand the classifications of fire
  • Understand the class of fire
  • Understand fire extinguisher types and operating procedures
  • Understand basic firefighting concepts
  • Understand and recognize fire safety and hazards

How is the Incipient Fire Fighting Training Evaluated?

A written exam will be required of the delegate, and they must obtain at least 70%.

A practical exercise involving extinguishing a fire using a dry chemical extinguishing agent will also be requested of the participant.

incipient fire fighting training demonstration

Incipient Fire Fighting Training Certifications

The Incipient Fire Fighting Training Certification is valid for two years.

Incipient Fire Fighting Training Course Cost

ABC Safety Solutions is delighted to be able to offer this critical training at such a reasonable price. To learn more about our Incipient Fire Fighting Training Course, contact us today!

Incipient Fire Fighting Training Location

At our learning center in Houston, Texas, we provide training for the Incipient Fire Fighting Training Course.

Course Content

  • Identify the elements of a fire and understand and what is necessary to extinguish a fire.
  • Name the different classes of fire identified by the NFPA Fire Classification System.
  • Demonstrate skills needed to chose and operate the correct type of portable fire extinguisher needed for the type of fire.
  • Inspect an area for fire prevention before any hot work begins.
  • Discuss the use of a hot work permit


3-4 hours – length shall vary depending on the class size



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