Fire Watch Technician ½ Day

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A firewatch is a person assigned to observe ongoing hot work to identify and react to hazards. A Firewatch is necessary at any time where hot work is performed in locations where a fire greater than a minor one might develop. Before hot work begins, written permission, like a hot work permit, must be issued. Inspect the work area for any sources of fuel, such as trash, rags and flammable materials and liquids.

3-4 hours – length shall vary depending on the class size
Any offshore worker
A written exam is administered to evaluate student retention of information. Successful candidates will receive a certificate upon completion. Revalidation is required as per industry demand
• Identify the elements of a fire and understand and what is necessary to extinguish a fire.
• Name the different classes of fire identified by the NFPA Fire Classification System.
• Demonstrate skills needed to chose and operate the correct type of portable fire extinguisher needed for the type of fire.
• Inspect an area for fire prevention before any hot work begins.
• Discuss the use of a hot work permit
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