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EPA Lead Renovator

This Lead Renovator (RRP) Initial Certification course is 8 hours in length and includes lead safety training approved by the EPA or applicable EPA-Authorized state program for Houston and surrounding.

Any contractor performing qualifying work on pre-1978 homes or child-occupied facilities in Houston Texas must employ at least one EPA Lead-Safe Certified Renovator who has successfully completed this training.

Companies must also process an application to become an EPA Lead Safe Certified Firm. The course concludes with a certification EPA Lead-Safe Certification Program exam.

EPA Lead Renovator Certification Training in Houston, Tx

Lead paint poisoning is an alarming case threatening children’s health. Even when contractors put more effort into adhering to lead-safe practices, homes and facilities under renovation may still leave an unsafe level of lead that enters their blood and harm the children’s health.

The health risk of lead poisoning may result in anemia, kidney and brain damage, and death.

If you have projects that fall under this category in the pipeline, you need to get an agency that can provide the best training for your people.

ABC Safety Solutions is the best provider for EPA Lead Renovator Certification Training in Houston, TX.

Our trainers are well-equipped to give up-to-date courses regarding lead safe work practices. Book an appointment with us today to know more about our lead safe certification classes.

What does EPA Lead Certification mean?

EPA Lead Certification is a requirement imposed by the Environmental Protection Agency before starting any renovation project.

The agency mandates that all workers who renovate, repair, and paint (RRP) housing and child-occupied facilities should undergo rigid training for lead-safe work practices before starting the project.

The rule, which took effect on April 22, 2010, specifies that renovation projects that affect more than six square feet of interior or 20 square feet of exterior paint should require their workers to comply.

Failure to comply with this strict standard is subject to violations.

Industries That Require EPA Lead Renovator Certification Training Course

The EPA Lead Renovator Certification Training Course is for all types of businesses in the construction industry. Companies engaged in construction, renovation, paint activities, and building structures must comply with the requirement.

Specifically, companies with repair and painting program within children’s facilities, such as homes, hospitals, day-care centers, and charity homes, must comply immediately.

In Texas, fines can start at $37,500. If, after investigation, EPA found more negligence in the contractor, they are subject to higher penalties. Otherwise, when EPA approves your compliance, you can proceed with the project.

To Whom Does EPA Lead Renovator Certification Training Course For?

This training course is for all general contractors, property managers, plumbers, painters, renovation contractors, carpenters, and electricians. 

They are required to take this certification course as this is mandated for all projects on renovating, repairing, and/or painting a pre-1978 home or child-occupied facility.

To renovate these older properties, contractors and landlords must ensure a lead abatement process. Contractors must use containment and engineering controls such as HEPA vacuum to ensure that the cleaning process for lead painted facilities are detailed and systematic.

Learning Outcomes of EPA Lead Renovator Certification Training Course

The lead RRP certification aims to bring awareness and mastery of a lead-safe working environment. At the end of each training course, each worker is expected to learn the following:

  • RRP rule awareness. The course is an opportunity for contractors and all other workers related to lead renovation to know the existing regulations for a lead-safe work environment. They will be informed of the dangers of unsafe practices and how they can harm the general public, especially children.
  • Learn dust control. The training aims to teach dust control among workers through a systematic cleaning process. They will also be trained to use these tools effectively and efficiently while performing renovation repair.
  • Ensure a healthy environment. The program will impose safety measures on RRP lead and healthy guidelines before and after the project. This includes leaving a cleaner environment once the renovation is complete.

How Is the EPA Lead Renovator Certification Training Course Evaluated?

Students are evaluated for the EPA Lead Renovator Certification course through an examination.

For students who will not be able to pass the lead safe renovator certification, the training provider can allow a retake. However, if students fail once again, they are now required to retake the entire course.

EPA Lead Renovator Certification Training Course Certifications

For students who will pass the assessment, they shall receive a certification of completion.

This certification acknowledges them as an EPA certified lead renovator. They can use this as compliance for employment.

EPA Lead Renovator Certification Training Course Validity

The EPA lead renovator training is valid for one year. You may renew your certification by scheduling a 4-hour refresher course. The course should be more straightforward and expected to yield a higher score since workers already know the training basics. 

EPA Lead Renovator Certification Training Cost

The pricing for the EPA certified lead renovator course differs from other courses. This 1-day program’s cost depends on the number of participants, which will also determine the required training facilitators. 

You can call ABC Safety Solutions to discuss your lead renovators certification cost.. We can come up with an affordable package for your RRP certification, which includes refresher courses and other types of training you have in mind. We provide flexibility in payments too, which is more beneficial if you are working on a budget.

EPA Lead Renovator Certification Training Location

As our client, you can choose the location for the training course. Depending on your preference, you can choose to have it in your office or on-site.

ABC Safety Solutions offers in-person lead safety training across the United States. We can fully adjust our schedule and go to any EPA Lead Renovator Certification Training Location you require.

Book a consultation online so we can get started with your EPA Lead Renovator Training course.

Course Content

  • Teaches the health problems related to lead, why lead is a problem you need to deal with, and who is put at risk if renovations are not handled correctly.
  • Teaches what EPA and HUD rules require of Certified Firms and Certified Renovators.
  • Teaches how to determine if lead-based paint affects your work, and how to educate owners and residents in target housing, or owners and adult representatives in child-occupied facilities about how the work will affect lead in their property.
  • This module also discusses how to plan the work so that it is lead-safe.
  • Teaches how to properly set up the work area so that dust and debris created by your work do not contaminate the property and leave behind lead dust.
  • Teaches how to work in a lead-safe manner and what practices are prohibited by the EPA and/or HUD rules; provides information on personal protective equipment.
  • Teaches how to effectively clean up dust generated by the work performed in the home or child-occupied facility and teaches
  • Certified Renovators how to conduct a cleaning verification.
  • This section also contains information about how to dispose of renovation waste.
  • Teaches the requirements in the EPA and HUD Rules for creating and maintaining documentation of the work.
  • Teaches the Certified Renovator how to train non-certified renovation workers in lead-safe practices while on the job.


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