Drug and Alcohol Awareness – Supervisors ½ Day

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Drug and Alcohol Awareness – Supervisors training

Drug and Alcohol Awareness training courses on substance misuse problems improve productivity, reduce absenteeism and theft, and increase morale and safety at the workplace.

There is also the benefit of preventing work-related accidents and illnesses—all of which have a positive impact on productivity and profitability.

ABC Safety Solutions Drugs and Alcohol Awareness course will provide you with an in-depth understanding of how drug and alcohol abuse affects a person’s life.

This course will teach you about the several types of addiction treatment, such as detoxification, rehabilitation, and coping mechanisms.

Drug And Alcohol Awareness Training Course in Houston, Texas

This course will cover detox or the process of eliminating drug-related chemicals and toxins from the body.

When a person stops using alcohol or drugs, they may experience withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can be properly managed through a detox process.

This course will teach you about how addictions alter the brain and behavior in a way that makes it difficult to resist temptation and stop using substances.

To help supervisors and managers better manage their teams, this course teaches them about drug and alcohol use and abuse, as well as how to employ the standard of reasonable suspicion and when to disclose their suspicions.

Training in Drug and Alcohol Awareness is an important step in preventing substance abuse.

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Industries that Require Drug And Alcohol Awareness Training Course

It is meant for supervisors and managers in the general industry who need advanced-level training to assist them to comprehend the many substances that may influence behavior, signals to look for, and proper responses and management of employees.

Additionally, the dangers of having workers who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol are discussed in this course.

Supervisors and individuals in charge of establishing appropriate drug and alcohol policies can take the course on-site to learn about the effects of such substances on workplace safety.

For whom does Drug And Alcohol Awareness Training Course For?

Substance misuse in the workplace is a serious issue that must be taken seriously by supervisors and managers, and this course is developed specifically to educate them on how to handle alcohol and drug abuse in the workplace.

Learning Outcomes of Drug And Alcohol Awareness Training Course

This program is intended to contribute to a safe and healthy workplace by addressing workplace drug and alcohol issues.

You’ll learn how drugs and alcohol impair your capacity to accomplish tasks through interactive activities and case studies.

It will guide you through the procedures and rules in place to keep you and your coworkers safe and healthy.

The following topics are discussed:

  • Workplace responsibilities
  • Drug and alcohol misuse in the workplace
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Consequences of a positive drug and/or alcohol test

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How is the Drug And Alcohol Awareness Course Evaluated?

The final multiple choice quiz must be passed with an overall grade of at least 80% in order to be considered successful in the course.

Drug And Alcohol Awareness Training Course Cost

It is an honor for ABC Safety Solutions to be able to offer this critical training at such a good price.

Our comprehensive Drug and Alcohol Awareness Course may meet the safety training requirements of individuals in the most comprehensive and cost-effective manner.

Get in contact with us right away if you have any questions about our Drug and Alcohol Awareness Program!

Drug And Alcohol Awareness Training Course Certifications and Validity

It is possible to print out or email your certificate of completion to your employer once you complete this course, indicating that you have successfully completed your training.

The certificate you receive at the end of the course is valid for two years.

Drug And Alcohol Awareness Training Course Location

We give training at our learning facility in Houston, Texas.

Course Content

The syllabus focuses on:

  • Introduction to DOT Drug and Alcohol Training
  • Alcohol Awareness
  • Drugs of Abuse
  • Drugs of Abuse Hallucinogens
  • Drugs of Abuse Stimulants
  • Drugs of Abuse Depression
  • Drugs of Abuse Analgesics
  • Predatory Drugs
  • Common Indicators of Abuse
  • Policy, Procedures, Personnel
  • Drug Testing
  • A Drug Free Workplace
  • Is Someone Out there in Trouble


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