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Behavioral based safety training

This course introduces the fundamentals of behavior-based safety and person-based safety. It also presents techniques for coaching that promotes safe behavior, including how to give both correcting and rewarding feedback

Behavioral Based Safety Training Course in Houston, Texas

Safety should always be a priority in your workplace. Companies need to pay attention to promoting a safe and healthy working environment for workers, which yields positive outcomes in the overall performance of businesses.

A behavior-based safety (BBS) training course is one of the leading innovations to promote safety. It prevents accidents and injuries at work and lessens financial risks.

ABC Safety Solutions provides behavioral-based safety training courses in Houston, Texas. From small departments to company-wide programs and even global offices, ABC Safety Solutions delivers customized behavior-based safety training programs that suit your requirements.

It maintains a pool of certified and licensed trainers who are knowledgeable in creating training courses and schedules them online or on-site depending on the method you choose.

Book a meeting with ABC Safety Solutions to discuss behavioral-based safety training courses you can get for your company.

What Does Behavioral-Based Safety Training Mean?

Behavioral-Based Safety Training is a program specifically designed to promote safety, eliminate hazards and prevent injuries in your workplace.

This program aims to influence employees with safe behavioral practices during working hours. It also recognizes poor and unsafe behaviors, work environment, and organizational culture as factors in accidents and injuries.

Moreover, behavior-based training courses teach good employee actions and prevent untoward incidents from taking place.

A safety course also helps employers come up with sound decisions to reduce the risk of accidents and costs that come with it.

ABC Safety Solutions’ safety training aims to lessen the number of risks by evaluating employee and employers’ behaviors and developing safety practices on the worksite.

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Industries that Require Behavioral Based Safety Training Course

Every company can benefit from a behavioral safety program. It is essential that employees, whether working in an enclosed office area or a high-risk set-up, undergo a behavior-based safety training program to help them make good decisions.

This course is specifically advantageous for companies in the manufacturing and industrial sectors.

ABC Safety Solutions’ offers a training course that covers the fundamentals of behavior-based safety and person-based safety. Book an appointment to schedule a behavioral-based safety training course in Houston, Texas.

To Whom Does Behavioral Based Safety Training Course For?

Promoting a safe culture in the workplace involves all levels of the organization’s structure. Behavioral safety programs are not only for employees.

Employers should also take this course to create a safer working area and minimize potential costs.

  • Executive and senior management. The top-level management lays the company’s overall direction. A course on workplace safety lets them understand its crucial aspects and see the importance behind it.
  • Middle Management. A good management system must align with the safe culture and make it a priority in making critical decisions.
  • Supervisors. As the direct superior of employees, it is the responsibility of the supervisors to bridge any gap between the workforce and the management and address them immediately. Preventive action is necessary against untoward incidents from happening, making sure that safety is met at all times.
  • Workforce. Businesses with employees working with heavy machinery and equipment for day-to-day operations are at risk of accidents. Workers who work in warehouses, distribution, and transportation can also use a training program for their safety.

Their daily hands-on duties require a knowledge of identifying risk factors during working hours and mitigating these risks with safety-based solutions.

Learning Outcomes of Behavioral Based Safety Training Course

Behavior-Based training program improves work ethics and promotes a positive work safety culture.

It also cultivates good employee-employer partnership and positive working habits.

The following are learning outcomes:

  • Introduction to work safety
  • Self-assessment of safe work ethics
  • Determination of workplace culture and its effects on employee and employer behaviors
  • Discussion on safety and critical behaviors
  • Conduction of activities and their outcomes
  • Determine peer behavior
  • Identifying unsafe conditions

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How Is the Behavioral Based Safety Training Course Evaluated?

You can identify the effectiveness of a safety training course with proper evaluation. There are vital factors to take into consideration when doing a thorough review of the program.

Conduct safety training needs assessment

A methodology that evaluates the company’s operations and determines gaps within the safety training program.

Assess benefits and costs of program

Determine the cost of the overall safety training program and identify its benefits to the company. There should be a positive result from the training investment.

Evaluate objectives with measurable criteria

Determine the objectives of the program and check if these are aligned with the company’s goals. By the end of the program, track the results with criteria based on the measurements you laid out.

Assess training methods

There are many types of training methods you can choose for the training. Determine if the method you choose is effective for the trainees.

  • Classroom. This type of training set-up allows your workers to ask questions directly from the trainer and take notes. It also promotes group discussion among themselves.
  • On-Site. This training helps your workers retain information better. It also allows better demonstration and higher engagement.

Effectiveness of materials

Presentation of training materials plays a vital role in your workers’ engagement and learning. Using effective materials to promote interaction and retention of information is essential.

Evaluation of outcomes

Measure how your workers were able to grasp the information presented through the following:

  • Survey. Determines the effectiveness of the activity to your workers, the performance of the training course provider, and the materials used. It allows you and your training course provider to know what you can improve on your next training.
  • Test. Develop a set of questions to gauge the knowledge of your workers on the safety training course. It also determines the areas of improvement and the current strengths.
  • Analysis of accident records. Measure your company’s safety performance with an evaluation of accident records and check how well you improve in decreasing such incidents.

Behavioral Based Safety Training Course Cost

The pricing for behavioral-based safety training courses varies depending on certain factors. The training provider can charge you based on the course duration, size of employees for training, and many other aspects.

ABC Safety Solutions has flexible options for a behavioral-based safety training course cost. You can discuss a customized package with different payment options to choose from. Call ABC Safety Solutions today to know more.

Behavioral Based Safety Training Course Certifications

Having behavioral-based safety training course certifications is vital for employees to keep up with best practices in workplace safety and develop a continuing knowledge of workplace safety and behaviors.

ABC Safety Solutions provides course certifications to your company upon completion of the program.

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Behavioral Based Safety Training Course Validity

The validity of your certification varies depending on the scope of your training and the duration.

At ABC Safety Solutions, your behavioral-based safety training course validity is up to three years. Students should apply for the recertification exam six months before the expiration of their BBS certificate.

Behavioral Based Safety Training Course Location

ABC Safety Solutions lets you choose your preferred behavioral-based safety training course location. Whether you like having training on-site or online, you get to discuss with ABC Safety Solutions all aspects of conducting a training course for your team. Book a consultation today to discuss your requirements.

Course Content

The syllabus focuses on:

  • List the principles of behavioral safety
  • Identify the implementation difficulties
  • Describe the observation methodology
  • Show familiarity with communication skills
  • Demonstrate coaching skills
  • Demonstrate knowledge of problem solving skills
  • Explain statistical analysis of observation data
  • Compare behavior-based safety process implementation models


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