API Crane Operator 2 Day

Course Details

This course will provide the skills necessary to safely operate a variety of pedestal cranes, perform daily inspections, communicate with riggers and DSPs during lifts to ensure overall safety.

    2 Day Course
    This course is composed of both classroom and practical exercises.
    Visual Acuity
    This course is designed for those personnel seeking the requirements of API RP-2D for pedestal crane operators.
    A practical exam is administered to all delegates. Successful candidates will receive a certificate upon completion.
    • Crane Blocks
    • Offshore Personnel Lifts
    • Crane Operations
    • Crane Operation Components
    • Terminology
    • Record Keeping
    • Personal Protective Equipment
    • Responsibility of Crane Operator

    Hands-On Exercises Include:
    • JSA Completion
    • Formulating Lift Plans
    • Sling Angle Calculations
    • Pre-use Crane Inspections
    • General Lifts with Crane
    • Depth Perception Test with Crane
    • Blind Lifts with Crane
    Students will need to bring a valid photo ID. PPE required includes hard hat, gloves, safety glasses, steel toe shoes.

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