5 Things to Consider When Choosing Your OSHA Training Provider

Authorized OSHA Training

With the advances in technology, there are tons of internet online courses available. Anyone can put up a website and promote safety training classes or online courses.

It can be easy to sign up for a class thinking you are getting what is necessary to meet OSHA requirements.

When choosing an OSHA Training Provider, it is vital to find one that offers in-person classes for many reasons, including:

  • Classroom interaction with your instructor and other attendees
  • Networking with other attendees
  • Ability to ask questions to your instructor

Choosing an OSHA Training Provider

How do you know if you are choosing the right OSHA training provider? It is very important to choose the right training provider.

At ABC Safety Solutions, we provide a nationwide reach and most of our staff have over 10 plus years of experience in Oil and Gas & Construction Industry safety.

Our broad experience in various industries allows us to design and deliver training programs to suit the specific needs of our customers!

Here are five things worth considering when choosing a training OSHA training partner.

1. Is the training provider authorized by OSHA to provide the training courses?

Anyone can offer the 10 and 30-hour courses, First Aid, HAZCOM, or HAZWOPER training courses, but that does not mean they are certified trainers.

Dig a little deeper to ensure the provider is authorized by OSHA as a training provider for the courses being offered. This ensures compliance with OSHA requirements.

2. Do they keep a record of training sessions?

As an administrator, it’s important to ensure the providing company tracks and maintains student training records.

Ask about your access to these records and how training is documented. Remember, first of all, you want to be able to establish OSHA compliance.

Secondly, you may need to provide documentation to prove compliance.

3. Is content customized to meet your company’s needs?

Cookie-cutter training programs are very common. Does your provider customize information to fit your industry and day-to-day operations?

It’s important for the information to be industry-specific with case studies, examples, and terminology.

When hiring an OSHA training provider, it’s imperative they know how safety regulations and compliance relate to your specific industry.

4. How is the effectiveness of the course or the progress of attendees going to be measured? 

Obtaining safety training is imperative to safe operations, but how do you know if the recipients retained and can apply the information?

Oftentimes, a written or online test is given to evaluate the level of retention. Many professional companies offer certificates of completion to those candidates who successfully completed the training courses.

5. What are the various levels of training provided and which ones do you really need?

There are several OSHA training courses available, but they are not always applicable in every situation.

All workers benefit from learning industry-specific OSHA requirements. Supervisors or managers may need a more in-depth coverage of some safety-related topics.

Choose what courses are most appropriate and necessary for your specific situation. Also, keep in mind the company is responsible and will bear liability for violations of OSHA requirements related to their industry standards.


Considering the answers to these five questions will set you on course for choosing an OSHA training provider right for your company. After including training in your budget, it’s important to get your money’s worth.

Finding the right company to provide training, ensures you meet OSHA’s requirements and keep the workplace safe.

ABC Safety Solutions closes all OSHA training with an exam to trainees. Upon completion of the course and exam, all trainees receive a Certificate of Completion. Visit the course outlines to determine which course is best for you and sign up today!