BOP Controls Training


The single highest contributor to downtime is the BOP control system. It is a complex network of redundant hydraulic controls interfaced with electrical signals from surface using multiplex communication to maximize reliability. Every function has a backup, and no single points of failure exist. However, if improperly maintained or serviced, the system cannot operate reliably. Typically any loss of redundancy results in a mandated stack pull to repair the issue. A 10-cent o-ring can cost millions of dollars if only a few days of downtime are experienced!


ABC Training has developed a series of courses to introduce technicians to the components in critical service, as well as further prepare them for troubleshooting and system optimization. Often times these components are covered in the OEM System Training Courses, but not enough detail is provided to understand the details of operation. A true hands-on approach to learning about these critical components is the key to successful training and preventing downtime. This course is centered on human-induced failures, and how to prevent them using assembly techniques. Only the top five contributors to downtime are focused on to ensure quality learning takes place, and is not diluted with too many components.


How familiar are you with BOP controls?

The following courses are offered to increase anyone’s confidence level with hydraulic components in critical service:



hkr exploded viewbarksdale exploded viewshuttle valve exploded viewACCUMULATORS INC BLADDER SECTION



Descriptor 1-Introduction to Subsea Critical Hydraulics 

Descriptor 2-Advanced Subsea Critical Hydraulics


Note: The Introductory Course is a prerequisite for the Advanced Course.

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