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Fire Training

Sharpen Responsiveness with Fire Training for Multiple Scenarios

Prepare your employees, whether they spend their time in an office, worksite, plant, or on a rig with fire training that helps ensure they respond quickly and accurately in the event of a fire emergency. Our courses range from explaining the responsibilities of a fire warden to basic and advanced firefighting training for seafarers designated to control firefighting operations. They are designed to increase anyone’s confidence level and enable accurate, responsive actions if a fire emergency occurs, and include:

*Offered in conjunction with an affiliated training service provider.

Fire Watch Technician ½ Day

A firewatch is a person assigned to observe ongoing hot work to identify and react to hazards. A Firewatch is necessary at any time where hot work is performed in locations where a fire greater than a minor one might develop. Before hot work begins, written permission, like a hot work permit, must be issued. […]

Fire Extinguisher

This introductory course will help ensure that your employees have the confidence and skills necessary to take action should a fire occur at your facility.

Fire Warden

This course is designed to explain the duties and responsibilities of the fire warden.

Incipient Fire Fighting

This course is designed to teach personnel to properly perform firewatch duties including site evaluation, fire prevention, incipient fire fighting techniques, and monitoring during hot work activities. As per regulations 29 CFR –1915.508 (c)(1-3)

Basic Firefighting – (STCW)

The Basic Firefighting course is part of the STCW program. Seafarers designated to participate in firefighting operations will be given 16 hours of training in techniques for fighting fires.

Advanced Firefighting – (STCW)

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Combined Basic and Advanced Firefighting – (STCW)

The Firefighting-Basic/Advanced Combo course is part of the STCW-95 program. Seafarers designated to control firefighting operations will be given 40hrs of advanced training in techniques for fighting fires with particular emphasis on organization, tactics, and command.

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  • Most professional establishment I’ve ever encountered especially Mr. Marc Paetorius He is and was the best fit for this company he explains the most difficult. Pieces of information in plain terms. I had an awesome experience at this facility. Thanks also to Mr. Cehic for being an amazing Owner. Very involved individual during the proceedings.

    Labarin Crosby
  • This company knows all about the training they provide and the regulations that are involved. Great training and personnel. I’d recommend there services for all training courses.

    Justin Hall
  • Friendly staff, knowledgeable instructor. Thank you for your help!

    Luis Rodriguez
  • I have been trying to get into a Hazwoper 40 hour course for quite some time and other companies kept cancelling due to low attendance. The people here at ABC are reliable, informative, and managed to make this course entertaining and fun!

    Dylon Breyman

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