Defensive Driving 1 Day

Course Details

This course focuses on the importance of attitude in accident prevention and avoidance. It also reinforces participants’ good driving skills.

6 hours
This course is composed of classroom exercises only
Open to all audiences.
A written exam is administered to evaluate student retention of information. Successful candidates will receive a certificate upon completion.
• Aggressive driving and road rage
• Fatigue and drowsy driving
• How driver behavior and mental conditions affect driving
• Defensive driving techniques
• The crash impact on passengers
• How to avoid a collision and case study scenarios
• Personal driving style evaluation
• Hazard recognition and collision avoidance
• Emotional impairment, common driving irritation
• The "Fatal Four" causes of a crash
• Driving skills inventory and assessments
• Occupant protection laws and graduate driver's licensing
• Vehicle malfunctions and maintenance
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